Wow Wines

Wow Wines is a family-run company that curates excellent quality Portuguese wines and delivers them to customers' homes in the form of mystery boxes. The brand entrusted Ködö with the mission of revitalizing its digital presence and taking a leading role in its overall marketing and communication strategy. The agency will implement its 360º approach, acting in various communication areas to add value and grow Wow Wines.


The True WOW Factor


Ködö modernized the Wow Wines logo, respecting the symbol the brand previously used. A second version (bottle) was also added, allowing for logo animation and giving it the wow factor that defines the brand.


More Functionality and Elegance


The website transformation aimed to make navigation easier and visually appealing. This combination of aesthetics and functionality highlights WowWines' services and enhances the customer experience.


Marking Presence on Social Media


Brands need a strategic and professional presence on social media, with regular and relevant content for their audience. This is precisely what Ködö proposed to implement. Wow Wines' social media now has a well-defined style, with its own language and an image consistent with the brand's personality.

Directly to the Mailbox


The creation of a monthly newsletter will bring Wow Wines even closer to its customers, establishing a direct line of communication to showcase new releases, create exclusive offers, and provide relevant information about the wine universe.

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