Externato Educação Popular

Caring for What Matters Most


Located in Lisbon, Externato Educação Popular is a Christian-oriented school and part of a social solidarity institution founded in 1935. Since March 2021, Ködö has been in charge of communication and social media for Externato.


As an organization that cares for and educates children from kindergarten to middle school, maintaining continuous, clear, and close communication is important, showing parents and the broader community all the work being done. That is exactly what we are committed to doing.


Promotional Videos

The school's presence in digital media  has made it possible for Ködö to explore formats never before used by the institution.


Using video, we were able to create a bigger engagement within the Externato's social media pages. The importance of this format is that it allows us to showcase the institution's spaces and give a voice to everyone who is part of it.

Free Flyer 02

Internal Communication


Ködö is responsible for creating content for the institution's internal communication: announcements to parents and users; website content; newsletters.